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The Institute’s Family Medicine Residency programs attract talented and diverse faculty and residents committed to high-quality family health services for medically underserved communities. The spotlights below highlight the compassion, dedication and skill that our faculty and residents bring to their practice. You can also view our complete lists of faculty and resident bios.

Nathalie Abisror

Headshot of Nathalie Abisror

Georgina Adjei

Headshot of Georgina Adjei

Anuoluwapo (Toyin) Alakija

Headshot of Anuoluwapo (Toyin) Alakija

Goldie Alfasi

Headshot of Goldie Alfasi

Dimitri Alvarez

Headshot of Dimitri Alvarez

Victor Sta. Ana

Headshot of Victor Sta. Ana

John Anderson

Headshot of John Anderson

Guedy Arniella

Headshot of Guedy Arniella

Sharon Avgush

Headshot of Sharon Avgush

Ephraim Back

Headshot of Ephraim Back

Sarah Baden

Headshot of Sarah Baden

Marek Balutowski

Headshot of Marek Balutowski

Kate Baron

Headshot of Kate Baron

Michelle Bejar

Headshot of Michelle Bejar

Juliana Van Der Meijden Bennison

Headshot of Juliana Van Der Meijden Bennison

Augustus Bentsi-Barnes

Headshot of Augustus Bentsi-Barnes

Kathleen Bernard

Headshot of Kathleen Bernard

Anup Bhandiwad

Headshot of Anup Bhandiwad

Azmina Bhayani

Headshot of Azmina Bhayani

Chae Boyd

Headshot of Chae Boyd

Sha’llah Brewton

Headshot of Sha’llah Brewton

Maggie Carpenter

Headshot of Maggie Carpenter

Sarah Chang

Headshot of Sarah Chang

Andrew Chen

Headshot of Andrew Chen

Cheryl Clark

Headshot of Cheryl Clark

Andreas Cohrssen

Headshot of Andreas Cohrssen

Aashish Dadarwala

Headshot of Aashish Dadarwala

Dominique Delma

Headshot of Dominique Delma
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