William F. House
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William F. House, MD, MS

Tulane University School of Medicine

Dr. William F. House is a native of Louisiana and a long time resident of Boulder, Colorado. He attended University of Colorado Boulder and earned degrees in psychology and neuroscience. Dr. House worked in a former career as a development software engineer for a tiny company that pioneered VPN and was eventually acquired by Cisco Systems. He returned to New Orleans to earn his medical degree and a masters in pharmacology at Tulane University School of Medicine. His professional interests include underserved populations, rural medicine, infectious disease, pediatrics/adolescent medicine, neurological/psychiatric care, chronic disease management, procedural medicine and family dynamics. His personal interests revolve around time spent with his wife and two daughters including attending Mass, sailing, birding, hiking, jazz and classical music. The moment you comment on his last name he’ll very likely regale you with pictures and a story of meeting Hugh Laurie at Mardi Gras.