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Stanislav Grinberg
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Stanislav Grinberg, MD

American University of Antigua

Dr. Stanislav Grinberg was born in family of two physicians in Kazakhstan. He grew up in Russia and Israel. Dr. Grinberg lived in the United States for the last fifteen years and enjoys to travel domestically and internationally. He was exposed to medicine as a child in Russia, where he spent long hours visiting his parents’ hospital and staying there instead of childcare. During Dr. Grinberg’s late adolescence years, he served as a medic in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite infantry unit. During his undergraduate studies in the US, he worked as an ER technician, where he developed an interest in primary care medicine. Shortcomings of primary care and lack of preventative care, especially in underserved communities is what inspired him to dedicate his professional future to primary care medicine. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Grinberg participated in clinical research and worked in a suburban primary care clinic to expand his scope in medicine.