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Kate Baron
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Kate Baron, MD

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

Dr. Kate Baron grew up in Dallas, Texas. She studied psychology and government at the University of Texas at Austin. During that time, she became committed to finding a career that aligned with her passion for social justice. She has had many experiences that influenced her desire to help the underserved, at an individual and community-wide level, including volunteering at clinics in Africa and Honduras. In 2012, Dr. Baron began medical school back in her hometown of Dallas at UT Southwestern. Throughout medical school, she became increasingly inspired by the idea of primary care — the idea that continuity in patient care not only fosters good health but also breeds efficiency for the system as a whole. She chose the Mount Sinai Downtown Residency in Urban Family Medicine as she believes it will provide the best training in a highly dynamic medical system in an exciting urban environment. At this program, Dr. Baron believes she has found a group of faculty and residents who are equally committed to patient care, advocacy and the underserved, while also being genuine people outside of the professional environment.