Lichman Lawrence

Lichman Lawrence, MD

Medical School - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Dr. Joel Lichman Lawrence was born and raised in London, England and earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Liverpool. After college, he worked both as a chef in a French restaurant and a real estate agent in London’s West End. Seeking to learn another language, Joel travelled to Barcelona and later Madrid, where he pursued his medical studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Joel’s studies included rotations in the U.S., paving the way for him to move to New York City after medical school, where he worked as house physician in an underserved, predominantly Dominican and Puerto Rican community in Brooklyn, making daily use of his Spanish skills. His interests in medicine are in the psychosocial determinants of health, integrative medicine, and social justice. Now living in the Hudson Valley, Joel enjoys the country life – playing tennis, spending time with his wife and dachshund, and battling to keep the family tick and Lyme-free.