(English) #NSPM: Preventing Suicide with Safety Planning Groups at the Institute for Family Health, a Q&A with our Director of Suicide Prevention

septiembre 28, 2017

(English) September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Our Director of Suicide Prevention, Sarah A. Bernes, MPH, LMSW shared with us some information about a new service at the Institute - Suicide Safety Planning Groups.

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(English) Institute in the Field: Providing Disaster Mental Health Services to People Affected by Hurricane Harvey

septiembre 13, 2017

(English) The Institute's Director of Substance Abuse Prevention, Thomas McCarry, LMHC, volunteered with the Red Cross to provide mental health services to people affected by Hurricane Harvey. He volunteered in shelters from August 31st...

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(English) 5 Ways You Can Help Prevent Drug Overdoses

agosto 31, 2017

(English) Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. Our Director of Substance Abuse Prevention, Thomas McCarry, LMHC wants you to know that "prevention works, treatment is effective and recovery is possible." Below are five ways...

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(English) New Evening Hours at our Harlem and Union Square Locations

junio 27, 2017

(English) Beginning this Saturday, July 1st  two of our Manhattan locations — Family Health Center of Harlem and Sidney Hillman/Phillips Family Practice — will close at 8pm on weekdays and at 6pm on weekends. Prior to...

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(English) An Open Letter to the Community

junio 1, 2017

(English) Every day, people of color are dying in our communities, some at the hands of our neighbors, others at the hands of those charged with protecting us. We remain grief- stricken, and outraged...

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(English) The Evolution of Health Care: Dr. Kierann Toth, Class of 2014

mayo 30, 2017

(English) As a medical student at Stanford, Kierann Toth, MD, knew what she wanted from her residency in family medicine. And she traveled across the country, to New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley to find...

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