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Nutrition and Fitness

Bronx Health REACH provides information about nutrition and fitness to individuals, community groups, churches, and businesses.


    • Enjoy Holiday Food, but Keep the Weight Off (English)
    • Figuring Out Food Labels (English/Spanish)
    • Sodium-Free Flavoring Tips (English)
    • Guide to Eating Well While Eating Out (bilingual)
    • Healthy Snack List (bilingual)
    • Fine, Fit, and Fabulous Serving Size Guidelines (English/Spanish)
    • Tips for Helping Kids Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (English/Spanish)
    • Food Kids Love to Make and Eat! (English/Spanish)
    • Did you know that good nutrition is linked to good grades in school? (English/Spanish)
    • Family Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating (English/Spanish)
    • Access to Healthy Food (English/Spanish)
    • Drinking Low Fat Milk (English/Spanish)
    • What You Drink Matters (English/Spanish)
    • Belly Fat and Risk for Disease (English/Spanish)
    • A Guide to Making Healthy Fast Food Choices (English/Spanish)
    • What’s In Your Favorite Foods? (English/Spanish)
    • Bronx Conversations for Change Healthy Eating Discussion Guide – (English/Spanish)
    • We All Want Healthy Children: Letter from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (English)
    • We All Want Healthy Children: Facts for Parents on Marketing to Youth (English)
    • We All Want Healthy Children: Healthy Food and Beverage Alternatives (English)
    • We All Want Healthy Children: Healthy Fundraising Tip Sheet (English)

Fitness and Physical Activity:

School Wellness:

  • The Bronx Salad Toolkit (English)
  • Creating Healthy Schools & Communities Program Description (English)
  • Healthy Schools NY Wellness Policy Template (English)
  • Nutrition Education and School Food Toolkit (English)
  • DESIGN for Teachers (English)
  • Healthy Schools NY Wellness Policy Template (English)
  • SchoolFood Program Awareness Event Form (English)
  • Resources for Schools (English)
  • Summary of Research on Obesity, Physical Activity, Physical Education and Nutrition on Academic Outcomes in School Children (from the New York State Department of Health) (English)
  • Bronx School Health & Wellness Conference Booklet 2012 (English)
  • Bronx UFT 2014 Parent Conference: “Improving Health & Wellness in our Schools: We are all in this Together” (English)

Alcohol & Tobacco:

  • Bronx Conversations for Change Alcohol Discussion Guide (English/Spanish)
  • Bronx Conversations for Change Smoke-Free Housing Discussion Guide (English/Spanish)