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Where’s My PE?

Where’s My PE?

With the beginning of a new school year, Bronx Health REACH looks forward to continuing its work under the New York State Department of Health funded HEA+LTHY Schools NY program. Bronx Health REACH will continue working with eight participating schools in Districts 7 and 9 and will add four additional schools to the program. Due to a change in budget allocation at the State level, the nutrition and tobacco components of the program have been eliminated and Bronx Health REACH will be working with schools exclusively on physical education and physical activity (PE/PA) policies and programs.

The HEA+LTHY Schools NY program is one of Bronx Health REACH’s major school wellness initiatives. Initially, the program focused on nutrition, tobacco, and physical activity, but for this school year the focus has shifted to physical activity. The Where’s My PE? campaign is a central component of the HEA+LTHY Schools NY agenda and is committed to providing at least 120 minutes of physical education for all elementary school students in New York school districts. Bronx Health REACH staff will join other HEA+LTHY Schools NY contractors around the state in helping schools bring their PE programs into compliance with state regulations and improving student access to physical activity opportunities both during and outside school hours. The program will also work with the Department of Education’s Office of School Wellness Programs as it updates the citywide PE plan and expands on its existing wellness policies on physical education and activity.

To learn more about HEA+LTHY Schools NY and Where’s My PE?, as well as to download resources on the importance of physical activity in keeping children healthy and alert throughout the school day, please visit http://www.wheresmype.org.