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Internships, Volunteering and Other Student Placements

The Institute for Family Health is committed to fostering the development of future health professionals by creating engaging opportunities for current healthcare students. Students at the Institute have the chance to get an in-depth look at how community health centers function and to learn about future healthcare careers. Students can be placed in various departments, from community outreach to program development, depending on their experience and interests.

The Institute for Family Health also serves as the regional office for the New York Metropolitan Region of the Area Health Education Center (AHEC). AHEC makes sure that young people from underrepresented groups have opportunities to learn about the health professions, and obtain education and training to pursue careers in healthcare. AHEC has three offices in the New York Metropolitan Region: Bronx Westchester AHEC; Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island AHEC; and Manhattan-Staten Island AHEC. In the Mid-Hudson Valley, AHEC’s local office is the Catskill Hudson AHEC.

Medical Students

Information about medical student placements can be found here.

Social Work, Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Health Students

*We no longer have additional openings for 2016-17 field placements. Please continue to check our website for updates!*

For social work, mental health counseling and behavioral health placements in Manhattan and the Bronx with the Institute for Family Health, please contact Jordana Rutigliano at .

Dietetic Interns

A dietetic internship has been established for students currently enrolled in didactic programs to work with registered dietitians across our Bronx and Manhattan locations. Dietetic Interns collaborate with our nutrition professionals to counsel patients in individual and group settings, participate in nutrition projects, and observe first-hand the roles registered dietitians play in promoting lifestyle change. For more information, please contact Jaime Schehr at .

Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Other Internships for School Credit

Students needing hours for specific programs in which they are enrolled represent the core of student placements. These most commonly include (but are not limited to) Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, and Medical Assistant students. It is our pleasure to provide preceptors for these placements, but they are under high demand. As such, they are also competitive, and we encourage students to consider other avenues as well until their placement is secured.

Prior to beginning an internship or placement, it is required that an Affiliation Agreement is established between your school and the Institute for Family Health. Please check with your advisor or department head to see if our agreement is already in place. If not, ask them to begin reviewing our agreement immediately, as some schools can take several months to process them.

Students who are accepted for placements at the Institute will be required to complete a health assessment, which includes:

  • Immunization verification.
  • Two TB status negative PPD results from the past 12 months, or documentation of a negative QuantiFERON result.
  • Respirator fit-testing eligibility confirmation.
  • A color-blindness test for medical positions.

Students interested in pursuing a student placement or internship at the Institute for Family Health should complete the Intern and Volunteer Application and send it to along with a copy of their current résumé or curriculum vitae (CV).

Securing a placement can take up to four weeks, and collecting all the necessary paperwork can take another two — please plan accordingly, allowing plenty of time before your intended start date.

For further questions regarding internships, please contact .

Volunteer Opportunities

Individuals seeking exposure to or involvement in a community health setting are welcome to apply to be volunteers. These types of positions are provided entirely on a case-by-case basis, and are dependent on what projects or needs are available. Some common types of volunteer projects include: Research Assistant, Patient Care Advocate, Outreach, Administrative Support, and other program support activities. Short-term shadowing experiences can often be made available as well. There are no volunteer opportunities involving direct patient care or medical procedures.

Students interested in volunteering at the Institute for Family Health should complete the Intern and Volunteer Application and send it to along with a copy of their current résumé or curriculum vitae (CV). We will keep your application on hand and contact you if we find a placement for which we think you would be a good fit.