The Institute Will Launch New Program for Mothers of Young Children in the Bronx Funded by March of Dimes®

Bronx, NY (April 17, 2017) – The Institute for Family Health was awarded a one year grant from the March of Dimes® to improve health outcomes among mothers of young children who visit the Institute’s Walton Family Health Center. The grant-funded program will provide evidence-based health care and care navigation services to about 225 women residing in the southwest and central Bronx.

The program, called “IMPLICIT,” will screen mothers of children aged two or younger for common health concerns. The women will also be invited to work with a “coach” at the health center to address unmet health needs as well as benefits assistance, employment and housing concerns, among others. The project aims to engage more mothers in needed health care and social services, and ultimately, improve birth outcomes in their subsequent pregnancies. IMPLICIT stands for “interventions to minimize preterm and low birth weight infants through continuous improvement techniques.”

“We are delighted to have these additional resources available for Bronx mothers,” said Dr. Aimee Mankodi, an Institute family physician who will lead the program. “The IMPLICIT program has been shown to help women get the care and support they need while they care for their young children. Our entire team at the Walton Family Health Center is excited to provide this additional level of support to these moms.”

The IMPLICIT program will be seamlessly integrated into the array of services offered at the Walton Family Health Center.  Like all Institute centers, Walton offers comprehensive and prevention-focused primary health services for people of all ages.  Services are available to everyone, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay, allowing everyone in the community to access the care they need.