The Institute Shares its Best Practices for Kiosk Utilization

In June 2013, the Institute for Family Health was awarded a Patient Engagement and Education Kiosk (PEEK) grant by the Fund for Public Health for New York. Since then, the Institute has installed computer kiosks in the waiting areas of each of its New York City sites to better engage our patients in their health care and provide educational materials. Through these kiosks, patients can also access the Institute’s patient portal website, MyChart MyHealth.

Initial data showed that the Institute is one of the grantees with the highest kiosk utilization. As a result, the PEEK program asked the Institute to share our best practices in their recent newsletter. Ian Santana and Amin Shareef, Patient Service Representatives at the Family Health Center of Harlem, were interviewed about their experience engaging patients in using the kiosks. The bottom line: hands-on guidance from friendly and committed staff ensures patients are not only more comfortable with technology, but also more engaged in their health care. You can read the full PEEK newsletter article here.