The Institute Receives Funding to Strengthen Primary Care Infrastructure

The Institute received approximately $270,000 from the New York Community Trust, United Hospital Fund, and Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation to strengthen our care management infrastructure and related analytical and quality improvement capabilities. The Institute plans to use the funding to standardize use of a “shared care plan” that will be incorporated into a patient’s electronic health record. The shared care plan will allow the patient and their care team to communicate more effectively, reduce duplication of effort, and ensure that the patient’s preferences and goals are informing all health care decisions. These changes will improve patient health while reducing avoidable costs to the health care system.

As reported in Crain’s Health Pulse on June 10th, the Institute’s grant is one of several NYCT awards aimed at strengthening NYC’s primary care infrastructure. This is the Institute’s second year of funding designed to strengthen our care management efforts. Previous funding was used to develop and implement a consistent model of care coordination for all patients across our sites in addition to customize our EHR to track and monitor care coordination.

The Institute is grateful to these funders for its support of our efforts to advance care coordination in community health centers.