The Institute for Family Health in the New York Daily News

Dr. Neil Calman, President and CEO of the Institute for Family Health, and Dr. Elaine Kang of the Institute’s Family Health Center of Harlem were featured in a New York Daily News article about the national shortage of primary care physicians. The Institute for Family Health is one of 38 health centers to hold a Teaching Health Centers grant, which allows the Harlem Residency in Family Medicine to train physicians in high need communities. The grant is an initiative of the Affordable Care Act, under which millions of patients will gain health insurance and access to primary care services. Read the article here.

In the U.S., most medical students choose to practice as specialists because of the significantly higher salaries compared to primary care. This trend leaves some high need communities without enough doctors. In addition to the Harlem Residency, the Institute also operates the Beth Israel Family Practice Residency and the Mid-Hudson Family Practice Residency.