NYTimes Features Institute CenteringPregnancy Groups

The Institute’s CenteringPregnancy prenatal care groups are featured in a blog post from the New York Times’ Tina Rosenberg. She writes, “The idea behind Centering (the name refers to care that is centered on the patient) is to help mothers — especially low-income mothers — become more involved in their own care, to acquire the skills and confidence to take care of themselves and their babies, and to have a community.” You can read the full article here. We’re delighted to see this model of prenatal care receive the attention it deserves. The Institute currently hosts CenteringPregnancy groups at several locations – if you’d like to join a group, contact the health center closest to you:

Walton Family Health Center
Phillips Family Practice
Family Health Center of Harlem
Ob/Gyn and Specialty Care Center of Kingston
Kingston Family Health Center
Ellenville Family Health Center