Institute Health Centers are Here to Help During Bronx Legionnaires’ Outbreak

New York, NY (August 4, 2015) – The New York City Department of Health is continuing to investigate the Legionnaires’ outbreak in the Bronx. Legionnaires’ disease is not contagious – one person cannot give it to another person. Symptoms resemble other types of pneumonia and can include fever, chills, muscle aches and cough. Some people may also have headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, confusion or diarrhea.  If you are concerned, call or visit an Institute health center near you. Only visit an ER if you fear your life is in danger.

According to a recent statement from the NYC Health Department, they are “actively investigating and testing water from cooling towers and other potential sources in the area to determine the source of the outbreak.”

Yesterday, community leaders, medical professionals and elected officials gathered for a town hall discussion at the Bronx Museum of the Arts to educate the community about Legionnaires’ disease. For more information about Legionnaires’ disease, visit the Department of Health’s website.