Celebrating Family Health Center of Harlem’s First Anniversary

On November 20, 2013, staff, site, and organizational leaders gathered to celebrate the Family Health Center of Harlem’s first anniversary. The 37,000 square foot health center began serving residents from Harlem and throughout New York City in December of 2012. In his opening remarks, Dr. Neil Calman, the Institute’s co-founder, president and CEO referenced the “beyond-anticipated numbers of patients who have already received care” at the site, and thanked the extraordinary team of providers and staff who have “made the past year a terrific success.”

The program, which also included words of thanks from Dr. Robert Schiller, senior vice president medical affairs, and Institute Board Chair, Ollie Brown-Carrington, culminated in the presentation of staff-voted awards.

We are delighted to publicly recognize the seven staff members who received awards:
For outstanding customer service:

  • Anna Barrow, Patient Service Representative
  • Hilda Ofori, Patient Service Representative
  • Amin Shareef, Patient Service Representative
  • Leticia Aliaga, Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Nora Cordero, Patient Service Representative

For outstanding team member(s):

  • Ian Santana, Patient Service Representative
  • Lara Leone, Mental health Program Director