Institute providers volunteer in post Hurricane Sandy recovery

Institute for Family Health physicians Dr. Amy Pandya and Dr. Zehra Siddiqui served 900 displaced patients from the Lower East Side at a Midtown Manhattan shelter two days after Hurricane Sandy. They provided medical care, prescriptions, and support to those who were unable to return to their homes.

Recently, Dr. Pandya, Dr. Ruth Grossman, and Dr. Kathryn Mimno set up a medical tent in Midland Beach, Staten Island. They canvassed nearby homes for persons in need of medical care. Midland Beach was one of the hardest hit areas in Staten Island, and is still struggling to recover from the storm. Meanwhile, Dr. Siddiqui spent a day on Rockaway Beach in a mobile medical unit offering medical services to hurricane victims unable to seek care in nearby hospitals or clinics that were impacted by the storm.

Currently, Dr. Pandya is establishing a regular weekly clinic in Staten Island to provide necessary vaccinations, medical care, and psychological support to those displaced residents unable to return to their homes.