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Meet Our Diabetes Team: Margaret Walsh, FNP

November 20, 2015

Meet Our Diabetes Team: Margaret Walsh, FNP

Continuing with our weekly introductions to members of our “diabetes team,” in recognition of American Diabetes Month, meet Margaret Walsh, FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) from Walton Family Health Center in the Bronx, NY. You may recall seeing Margaret in the video we posted earlier this month – “Here to Help: Diabetes Prevention & Management.”

“I think it’s really exciting  for patients to empower them and to say that this is something that you can work through and we’re going to help you and we’re going to give you the tools to work through this. It’s really rewarding when I’m sitting with a patient and you can see the light bulb go off and they say, ‘Wow, I have diabetes, but it doesn’t have me. I’m going to take control of this.’ ”

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