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Ulster County Health Home Partners

MHA DutchessCropperCapture[1]Mental Health America of Dutchess County
Phone: (845) 473-2500

MHA UlsterCropperCapture[1]Mental Health Association in Ulster County
Phone: (845) 339-9090

HVCSCropperCapture[1]    Hudson Valley Community Services, Inc.
    Phone: (845) 339-3281

ARCCropperCapture[1]    Ulster – Greene ARC
    Phone: (800) 324-8272

PeopleCropperCapture[1]    People, Inc.
    Phone: (845) 331-4965

Family of Woodstock
Phone: (845) 331-7080

Network Partners

Arms Acres Substance Abuse Facility (inpatient & outpatient)
Bermac Home Health Aids
Conifer Park Substance Abuse Facility
Gateway Community Industries Inc
Holliswood Hospital
Hudson River Health Care
Institute for Family Health
Dutchess County Community Health Worker Program
Dutchess County Health Families
Ulster County Healthy Start
Mental Health America of Dutchess County
Resource Center for Accessible Living (RCAL)
Rehabilitation Support Services, Inc
Ulster – Greene ARC
Ellenville Regional Hospital
Hudson Valley Radiology Associates
People, Inc.
Community Care