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Factors of the Seven, Inc. (FOTS)

Factors of the Seven, Inc. (FOTS) is a coalition of seven churches in Charlotte, North Carolina that work together on efforts to eliminate health disparities. The FOTS Legacy Project, Motivating and Nurturing through Unified Purpose (MAN-UP) is addressing diabetes prevention and management specifically among men. The project builds on a faith based diabetes screening initiative developed in partnership with the local department of health. For the MAN-UP project, men were recruited by their pastors, through church events, and at diabetes screenings to be trained as health ambassadors who will conduct health activities at their churches. Through the project, FOTS screened 151 men for diabetes, completed men’s focus groups at each of the participating churches, and trained 42 men as health ambassadors. FOTS also initiated a healthy church environment committee to assess opportunities to promote healthy eating and physical activity at participating churches. In addition, FOTS successfully advocated inclusion of the first community representative on the Mecklenberg County Food Desert Committee.