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Segregated Care Campaign: 2013-2014 Kickoff

This fall, we look forward to making strides in our Segregated Care Campaign, which aims to eliminate patient steering practices based on health insurance status at academic medical centers.  We believe these steering practices contribute to health inequities in New York City (NYC).  This year, we are excited to continue our community outreach efforts to educate citizens about racial and ethnic health disparities and how to advocate for themselves in their encounters in the healthcare system.  Through our outreach efforts, we hope to strengthen our existing partnerships as well as build new ones as we rally support for action at the state level as well as within academic medical centers that will end patient steering practices in New York State.  We encourage those interested in our efforts to attend our Health Disparities Work Group (HDWG), which meets the 2nd Friday of every month at Cosmopolitan Church (39 W 190th Street, Bronx NY 10468).  During our monthly meetings, we discuss crucial and relevant healthcare issues and how they impact the Segregated Care Campaign, including the Affordable Care ACT and the policy decisions and actions of state and local officials regarding healthcare delivery including those involving hospital closures in NYC. In addition, HDWG members will spearhead plans on hosting a public event next spring to raise awareness of patient steering practices.  For more information about the Segregated Care Campaign and the HDWG, please contact Hardeep Singh at "> or 212-633-0800 ext. 1287 or click here.